About me

Hi Everyone! Friends, relatives and strangers.
I'm glad to see all of you on my site!

My name is Milla Hryhorchuk and my hobby is cooking up everything eatable, tasty, delicious and salubrious.

I came up the hard way. Trying to fulfil my potential, I was an interior decorator, a dress designer, a fashion stylist but came up to the kitchen. Just at that spot I've been creating results for the exclusive enjoyment of a few who are a part of my life (my family) and guests of my house.

It all started off about 2 years ago. I didn't get a thing out of cooking since I had my baby. What is more, soon after my daughter's birth, I found that I have some kind of gluten intolerance and it was terribly boring and fatiguing. In trying to find a solution to these obstacles, I had been a vegan for more than a year trying to prepare gluten-free dishes and looking for substitutes for basic ingredients before I created my first own recipe. This one and much more you will find on Cup&Plate.

I love all food, so it’d be hard for me to choose a favourite, but I have a soft spot for sweets. Everyone likes a good meal! :)

Criticism and compliments are welcomed! Thanks for dropping by, please enjoy!